Big Weekend in the Port City

This weekend I decided to head down to see the family in Surf City. I had not been down since July. While I was down I was able to go down and check out Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC.

Many thanks to Tim Cain – their technical director and Mike Ashcraft – their pastor for letting me come down. They invited me to see the entire sunday process at Port City from set up at 6am to teardown at 2:30pm. I was really happy that I could have this opportunity because with their new building is being built currently. Tthere won’t be many more opportunities to see this church portable.

Their entire team was very hospitable. Even before the sun came up – everybody was very friendly and welcoming.

These guys are HARD WORKING people. Setting everything up in two and a half hours is amazing. Even Mike is down on his hands and knees taping speaker cables down.

I will share more thoughts and a few pics later. For right now I just wanted to send out a big thanks to the entire Port City crew for allowing me to go behind the scenes!

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