9:15pm Pacific Time

Yes… 9:15pm Pacific Time. That would be the time I would have had to arrive at CBS Television City in Hollywood to be the first person to line up for the price is right for today’s 1pm taping. They aren’t even filming a million dollar spectacular either! So when we got there this morning at 9 am to pick up our priority numbers for todays taping… we were STAND BY #109 and #110. So around 11am the pages told us that we wouldn’t be getting into the taping. We had good company though… 100 people in front of us and 100 people behind. SO we walked around for a little while to find that LA is NOT a walking town. So we caught a cab up into the Hollywood Hills and cruised up and down Sunset and Hollywood Blvd, walked the walk of fame, saw the Kodak Theatre (home of the Academy Awards), saw Grohman’s Chinese Theatre, and had a nice glam afternoon.

Yesterday was a blast. Adding 3 hours to your day is really nice! Hopefully more about that later…

Here is the view from our room at the Paradise Pier. It looks over Surf City at Disney’s California Adventure.

3 Replies to “9:15pm Pacific Time”

  1. This looks so beautiful! Take lots of pics so I can see this part of CA! But don’t get to comfortable out there! We need you too much!

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