California Dreamin’

Today was a nice day. First we started by having a nice breakfast with the President of the Disneyland Resort. He gave a nice keynote. He had a production team with him just to do his background slides. These were done on Mac… I guess they used keynote, but the slides were amazing. Even more impressive then a Steve Jobs keynote! Then we had many many hours worth of interesting break out sessions. I particularly enjoyed the sessions with Adobe Guru Jason Levine. I learned alot of new photoshop and after effects tricks! I also learned today that here in california cans of coke are $4. Thats the price NBS pays for them. Box lunches are $40 each. Gas prices are not high at all out here compared to what I thought it would be. Gas is like $3.45 a gallon. Its the food that is the real $$$. I ate at a nice Japanese restaurant – not steakhouse unfortunately!

Have I mentioned traffic sucks in LA. Several presenters were late today due to traffic.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. LA Film Studies Center is presenting on faith and film. I am also going to Disney’s California Adventure! Very Cool.

The monorail picture is actually 3 pictures I took in the Magic Kingdom that photoshop put together.

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