Tribecca Vlog – Day 2

Day two was an adventurous day… I saw more of NYC today then I have in my last two visits combined. If you followed my tweeter you would see all the crazy stops I made all over the city. The Tribecca staff wanted to give us a tour of the city, but they wanted to show us the ENTIRE island of Manhatten and surrounding boroughs. To do this they took us to the Top of the Rock Observatory at 30 Rock. I was able to make a short vlog from the top of the rock. Here is it.

Tribecca Day Two from Brad Christian on Vimeo.
I will have the v-log up from day one pretty soon hopefully.

By the way my friend’s name is Emily!

I am here!

All I can say… Wow!

This week has been unreal. First I woke up to snow on Sunday morning in Denver, Colorado. Sunday was crazy fun traveling from the 32 degree june snow covered winter park to the 103 degree Greenville, NC. I had one day to turn around my stuff and get it ready for my 5 week NYC Tribecca Adventure. I stayed up all night on Monday and got everything ready. I went to bed at 4:45am and got up at 5am to get ready to leave for Raleigh. I met some of my Campus Track friends at RDU for the Delta flight up to NYC. The flight was SHORT! NC State’s women’s basketball coach Kay Yow was sitting behind me with her assistant. They were headed up here for some media related work with Clear-channel. The gate we arrived at was in this random part of Laguardia… lets just say it enveloped tarmac and transit bus.

We arrived at our Destination in Queens. We are staying at the New York Center for Urban Ministry… The 100 degree temperatures plus lack of Air Conditioning made the second part of yesterday very unpleasant. I did have the opportunity to eat at some great local restaurants throughout the day. Late last night a fellow campus team member and a staff member and I took the Subway into Time Square! It was in the middle of a summer lightening storm. Very stunning seeing the beauty of the lightening upstaging the crazy brightness of Times Squares brightest advertisements. Amazing how God can shine through right?

I went to bed in a room that was almost 95 degrees… not a good combo. It is humbling for me though, because there are homeless people in NYC who were sleeping in the same temp with no shelter or bed.

I have a v-blog that is coming up later tonight… stay tuned for that!

Tribecca Update – 12 days

I am down at the beach visiting my parents, because I will probably not get to see them until I get back from NYC. I can not believe that Sunday will be my last Sunday at Discovery for 6 Weeks! I will have a chance to check out some pretty cool churches in NYC, but there is no place like home. If you know of any churches I need to check out while I am up there let me know. I would love to find a church that has the same creative vibe Discovery has. I know one Sunday I will be attending Redeemer Presbyterian because their pastor has written one of the Bible studies we will be doing while we are up there.

The team I am going up to NYC with is amazing. Especially the guys from North Carolina!

They introduced me to this video while I was up in Gatlinburg. Amazing… You gotta watch the whole thing (or at least the first 2 mins)

Do you think we can get him for Discovery?

Questioning Evangelism – Part 1

I just finished reading part 1 of Questioning Evangelism! Aren’t yall proud of me?

So far a lot of really interesting stuff. The main concept of chapter one was “Rabbinic Evangelism.” Basically it talks about following Jesus’ model of asking questions in response to questions.

I am in part two now… hopefully I will be able to go back and better articulate some of Randy Newman’s concepts then I am doing right now. I am excited on what the rest of the book has to offer. So far it has given some awesome situations I have found myself in before.

Tribecca Reading

I have a reading assignment for Tribecca. It is Randy Newman’s Book “Questioning Evangelism”. I am horrible at committing to read books, so I am going to try to use the blog as a catalyst for my reading. I hope to summarize chapters and highlights in different post. I have 17 days to read the book so if you don’t get a post about the book hit me up a comment and tell me to get on the ball! The book looks pretty interesting. I am actually looking forward to it.

I’m glad I booked Delta…

Last night I reserved tickets for the North Carolina crew going up to NYC for the Tribecca Project.

There were 18 times we could depart RDU, but the time that worked best was on Delta. I normally fly American, but I am glad I did not.

I was already not happy over all the airlines charging $25 to check a second bag. I just flew to Cali in March and did not have to pay for my second bag… I always check a second bag when I fly.

Just when I had gotten over the $25 fee… I learn that American is going to be charging $15 for the first bag. This is really going to speed up check in… not really. With everybody having to pay there is now going to be a check out to go along with check in.

I’m just thankful I am flying US Air to Colorado and then Delta to NYC.