Thursday Thoughts!

It is now friday – but here are some thoughts from Thursday!

-Sunday is going to BE AWESOME at Discovery. You do not want to miss it. I just saw Davey’s set list! GOOD STUFF! Plus Jason will be taking on some controversal issues (especially in the church) about how other religions, halloween, and the occult blend with Christianity.

-Steve Fee is AWESOME! I just ordered his new CD (autographed may I add) and I am pumped over it. I almost bought it on iTunes, but iTunes is way too strict with their secure mp4 files. No wonder people download music illegally! So I am buying the disc. Hopefully some of the money will go to Fee.

-Saturday is Discovery’s first ever PARTner Dinner! I am pumped – Some big announcements will be at that!

– I am hoping my first ever attempt at stage design in a portable church works out!

– I just finished writing a news summery on the UN’s Year of the Potato… wow…

– The last song last week at Discovery is starting to become a theme song for me and some of my Cru (campus crusade for Christ) friends. “If my God is with me – who shall then shall I fear” “Oh, no you never let go”

– Speaking of CRU… After tonight’s CRU meeting I was told that I should be in the praise band! I like the idea, but that could get dangerous!

– WITN 7 is having HD problems tonight. Part of conan was in SD – which means that the picture is letterboxed AND has black side bars. Plus SD picture on a HD tv just sucks!

– I am still depressed over ECU’s loss to NC State last week. I hope ECU vs. UAB will make me happy again.

– God’s Love continues to amaze me more and more…

The importance of quality: Part 1

WRAL 5 in Raleigh was the first news channel to go HD back in 2001.

Earlier this year NBC Nightly News went to HD. Ever since I find that I watch them more then CBS and ABC. NBC has a understanding that more and more people are going HD. No matter what the research say – people appreciate quality. They might not come out and say it. For example, a few years ago my mom used to say that HD was a waste and wasn’t neccessary. I had the only HD tv in the house. Then one night I called my Mom into my room to watch some of a UNC basketball game. She sat down and didn’t get up the rest of the game! She was blown away, and appreciated the quality. She was hooked! The only problem is that I would come home from work and find both my parents in my room watching the game, and when I went to kick them out they wouldn’t leave!

Even though people might not come out and say they expect or want quality stuff. BUT on the inside quality is expected or desired.

Big Weekend in the Port City

This weekend I decided to head down to see the family in Surf City. I had not been down since July. While I was down I was able to go down and check out Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC.

Many thanks to Tim Cain – their technical director and Mike Ashcraft – their pastor for letting me come down. They invited me to see the entire sunday process at Port City from set up at 6am to teardown at 2:30pm. I was really happy that I could have this opportunity because with their new building is being built currently. Tthere won’t be many more opportunities to see this church portable.

Their entire team was very hospitable. Even before the sun came up – everybody was very friendly and welcoming.

These guys are HARD WORKING people. Setting everything up in two and a half hours is amazing. Even Mike is down on his hands and knees taping speaker cables down.

I will share more thoughts and a few pics later. For right now I just wanted to send out a big thanks to the entire Port City crew for allowing me to go behind the scenes!


If you were at Catalyst… you heard it during some of the breaks! It was a top album on iTunes… Who else could it be!

David Crowder Band has done it again!

Remedy – Their new CD. It is a short one (about 45 mins of music) but it is full quality. DCB has never had “filler tracks” on their CDs. This one is no exception. Every second is INTENSE.

Track 6 (Oh For a Thousand Tongues to Sing) is one of my favorites – I generally don’t like hymns redone into new songs. However, David and the band makes it work – and makes it work well!

I posted a few weeks ago about DCB’s “Rain Down” – Revolution Church had done it a few weeks ago. So I broke out the archive DCB, and remembered how awesome the song was. When I heard track 7 on remedy, I couldn’t believe my ears! It is an awesome remix of Rain Down. Very similar to “Come and Listen” on “A collision”

If you haven’t bought it yet – DO IT! If you order the CD of off you might get a guitar pic and stickers… freebies are always awesome!

Just ask Jason! He won a sweet new Ipod Nano at Catalyst! It’s a product*red video playing lean mean machine!

Sunday Night Live!

I don’t think I have ever had a busier October. It is so busy I can only list a few points!

– I just got back from Catalyst with the Discovery Church team. IT WAS AWESOME!

– I got back just in time on Saturday to get to the ECU vs UCF game! It was the best college football game I have ever attended!

– I still haven’t totally regained my voice yet!

– Busy week ahead to catch up from taking a few day off for Catalyst.

– Discovery this morning was GREAT! Alot of new faces in the crowd.

– A ton of ECU students today. Too bad next week is fall break and few of them will be back.

– Next week Discovery is LEAVING THE BUILDING. No we’re not canceling church! We are just taking Church out into the Community!

– Several first time guest told me they were excited about serving next week!

– Busy day ahead! I need to be more like Perry, and become a morning person. I don’t think it’s going to happen!

Clam Crowder!

I appropriately wore my green squirrel David Crowder Band t-shirt today. I ordered their new album “Remedy” today off the website. I don’t know if it supports them more or less… but I do it anyway. I LOVE that remedy is #4 on the top albums on itunes! Isn’t that CRAZY! I used to get excited when I would hear switchfoot on top 40 radio! I wish I had a screen shot of it. Lets go for #1.

I feel like I am going to be a little kid checking the mailbox every day until it comes.

Monday morning reflections…

A few thoughts from the weekend.

-I was held hostage in Circuit City! I had to break out to get to Discovery… (long story)

-My fountain o choco made its premiere in the hospitallity room. Things were going great until I thought it would be cool to add chocolate surp to the mix. It will be back next week… fully working!

-I had my first chat with Algeria today.

-My dad made his first visit to Discovery Sunday. He enjoyed it!

-Davey and the band continue to amaze me… I still haven’t found his blog though…

-Jason did an awesome job kicking off the Outflow series.

-ECU beat UNC.. ARGH

-The Marching Tarheels came to town… They showed the Marching Pirates how its done. (This is coming from a Pirate fan)

Rescue is coming!

This evening at about 12:30 I began hearing the elevator alarm at my apartment complex. I ignored it for awhile, but then I went to fix the elevator. I have done this many a time. Normally a beer can or something is jammed in the door. This time was different. I heard screams and loud thuds. So I went downstairs to alert the managment that something wasn’t right. When I got down there I saw that the resident director was already working on getting the stranded folks out. The people in the elevator were screaming very loudly, and jumping up and down trying to get the elevator restarted. It was panicing some of the girls. So the director ask me if I could try to calm the people down and let them know that the fire department was on their way. So I went up to the 3rd floor where the people were stuck. I was able to get them calmed down and quiet. After calming them down and letting them know rescue was coming, the director joined me on the floor. She had brought a tool with her to try to get the door open. She couldn’t get the door open – so I gave it a shot. After playing with the door opener tool for a little bit, I felt the door click and begin to slide open. The door opened up and I saw the elevator lodged halfway between the 3rd and 4th floor. The occupants of the elevator car were very happy to see the door open. I helped get the people down because there was about a 4-5 foot drop between the floor of the elevator and the 3rd floor. As soon as I got the last person out of the car, the fire department arrived. After the greenville fd checked everybody out – everybody continued on their way. It was a happy ending to everything. It did make a boring evening in Greenville a little more exciting!

Somehow this reminds me of the David Crowder Band song… Rescue is Coming.

I feel old.

This evening marks the first night of the Blitz on WCTI-12. I love high school football. Watching the Blitz tonight reminded me of SO MANY friday nights in the fall. I don’t like how they are having football games before school even starts. In high school football was everything. There is something better then high school football. ECU Pirate football… NCAA all the way…

Today I learned AWESOME news.

September 1st – I will be in blacksburg VA. Cheering on the EAST CAROLINA PIRATES! IN PERSON. YEE HAA!

Lets go PIRATES!


The Master has arrived…

Today I made the investment (a very large one unfortunately) in Adobe Creative Suite 3: Master Collection

I unfortunately had to make the choice between the Mac or PC version… Why can’t we just be friends and be multiplatform? I did choose the MAC – This is scarey to me because my MacBook Pro only has a 100 gig hard drive in it. Final cut takes up like 40 gigs of space. Who knows how much this ENTIRE SUITE (Photoshop, Premeire, flash, dreamweaver… you name it) will take.

I might regret the Mac version decision. Hey! Gives me an excuse to start saving for a Mac Desktop – and not one of those little IMacs either!